The benefits of emotional support during birth and the impact on the woman’s experience, the birth outcome and the mother’s ability to bond with her baby are well documented. The positive effects of a doula’s presence at a birth are now also recognised.

By having a doula present at a birth,

– the chance of caesarean birth is reduced by 45%
– the length of labour is reduced by 25%
– the need for pain medication is reduced by 31%
– the need for forceps is reduced by 34%
– the request for epidurals is reduced by 10-60%
(data from ‘The Doula book’ Klaus, Kennel and Klaus 2002)

Doula support enhances the well-being of mothers and babies, and leads to fewer medical interventions in labour and delivery.

Studies have also shown that women are more likely to breastfeed and experience fewer breastfeeding difficulties with care and support from a doula