I am delighted to be able to offer two very special perinatal techniques:

Myofascial release Рa gentle, non-invasive technique to enable malpositioned (breech,  back to back or transverse) babies to turn Рthis technique takes approximately 20 mins РI offer it for free if you can come to me Рplease contact me direct for more details.

Closing the Bones postnatal massage – a wonderful massage and healing experience that physically and emotionally ‘closes’ a woman after birth. This a traditional south American technique, given to postnatal women at any point from a few hours to days or weeks after the birth. Women who have birthed years before have also felt the wonderful effects of this massage.

During pregnancy the hips open, becoming wider – this technique helps the hips to return to their pre-pregnant width thereby increasing pelvic stability. The massage also stimulates blood flow which cleans, renews and removes fluid and toning the tissues and muscles.

As well as the physical benefits of this technique, there is a spiritual and emotional aspect too. The mother feels nurtured and honoured which can allow emotions associated with the birth and transition to motherhood to release.

£50 Рplease allow a 2 hour visit for your massage Рavailable in your own home, please contact me direct for more information. You can also read more about this special treatment in my blog here