Birth Support Package


An initial free meeting to allow you to meet me and decide if you wish to book me as your doula.

Two antenatal meetings (each between 1 and 2 hours long) to discuss your hopes for the birth, debrief previous births if this is not your first child, and put together a birth plan if you wish. We may also discuss positions for labour, use of rebozo, relaxation techniques, massage etc.

Have you been unable to attend a birth preparation course, but would like more information to enable you to understand the process of labour and birth, and make informed choices about your care?

I can offer more sessions antenatally to discuss the physiological and emotional aspects of birth, and your birth options to help you feel clearer and more confident about what is right for your family.

On call 24 hours a day, from two weeks before your due date, until your baby is born. Should your baby arrive before this time I will still endeavour to be at the birth.

Birth I will remain with you through the birth and until you are settled with your new baby, whether that is a few hours or much longer. I can also offer Bowen during your labour which can ease labour pains and enable the baby to move into a good position for birth
One postnatal meeting (about two hours), within six weeks after the birth. A meeting  3 days after the birth, is often helpful Рthis will give you the opportunity to talk about the birth, and any other topics you may wish to cover relating to becoming a new parent and caring for your baby. Further postnatal visits can be arranged as you wish Рsee postnatal support.

I am a recognised doula with Doula UK (see listing here), and can offer a fee of £800. This includes all costs (mileage to areas more than 15 miles from my home will be at 40p/mile after that) Please email me at, for further details.